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I love to design and in the last few years, I have gained a passion for taking old textiles and turning them into something new.  

Up cycle - reuse discarded objects or materials in such a way as to create a product of a higher quality or value than the original.

In my quilting business, I have many small pieces of leftovers from quilts I make or backings I provide for my customers.  I started using these scraps to make little make up bags and what-not bags for my friends and family.  They used them, their friends saw them and, BOOM! was born. ❤️😍

 I have expanded to using a lot of up cycled materials such as neckties, loved ones clothing, decorator samples or whatever people give me or I find.  

I also make custom order T shirts in any quantity or even one of a kind for a birthday, Christmas, etc.  I use the left over vinyl scraps on many of my bags and wallets.  I am considering expanding into pillows, what do you think????

Here is a picture of my family on a Disney cruise for Christmas 2018.  That is me on the very left.  I designed our shirts for Pirate's Night.  I used the same logo on all shirts and varied the vinyl types and shirt colors.  Everyone got a Badger do rag to wear however they wanted for the evening.  A good time was had by all!
Someone gave me four books of decorator fabrics.  I can see many bags, wallets and possible pillows made from them. When I do the binding on a quilt, I end up with a bunch of little triangles.  I love triangles.  Now, just what should I make incorporating the triangles??