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Machine Quilting

My machine quilting is done on a Gammill Optimum quilting machine with a Statler Stitcher.  What does that mean?  

The Statler Stitcher utilizes cutting-edge computer software and robust hardware to beautifully stitch any design.  It is my job as the quilter to design and select patterns to enhance your quilt top.

I have over 15 years of experience working on customer quilts.  I work with each customer individually for their quilt or many quilters tell me, "Just make it beautiful!"  

categories of machine quilting

bare bones quilting

What is bare bones quilting?  It is medium to large meander done throughout the whole quilt, including the borders.  This is very economical but you will still end up with a beautiful quilt with the outstanding workmanship that you are used to receiving from Quilts by Barb.  With bare bones quilting, your quilt is returned to you untrimmed.  This saves me time and you money!  Some restrictions apply to bare bare quilting.

Batting must be purchased from Quilt by Barb for bare bones quilting.  If not purchased from me, there is a $10 handling fee.  This is for bare bones quilting only.

Backing must be ready to quilt unless purchased from Quilts by Barb.  If backing is not pressed or needs to be squared before quilting, there will be a $10 or more additional charge for this service.

Any deviation in size of all over meandering or a pattern in the borders does not qualify as bare bones quilting.  If you would like me to trim your backing and batting even with the quilt top, I would be glad to do this for a $10 fee.  This charge only applies to bare bones quilting.

Regular batting, thread and shipping charges apply.

cost of bare bones quilting - .02 per square inch

Example:  90 X 100 inch quilt = 90 X 100 X .02 = $180.  Thread charge would be approximately $7, Legacy batting $30. 

Total cost for Bare Bones quilting on a queen size quilt. $217.  This does not include Wisconsin sales tax or shipping charges.

overall designs

This is my most popular category of quilting.  The quilter and I decide together on a quilting design that will enhance your quilt top.  In today's world there are hundreds of designs that will finish off your quilt beautifully.  We work together to make the most of your quilt.

There is usually 2 - 4 inches of shrinkage (width and length) from before to after quilting.  The price for quilting is the size of your quilt top before quilting.  All quilts will be returned trimmed even with the quilt top unless you request to have your quilt returned untrimmed.

cost of quilting overall designs - .03 per square inch.  

Example: 90 X 100 X .03 = $270 quilting.  Batting and thread charges would be similar to bare bones example.

Total cost for overall designs on a queen size quilt.  $307

Please note:  There may be some more intense designs that will have a small additional charge.  This is discussed on an individual basis.

design quilting with a separate border

Want to enhance the borders of your quilt?  This is done beautifully by using an overall design on the inside of your quilt and adding a separate design in the borders.

cost of design quilting with a separate border

.035 and up per square inch.  This may vary, depending on the number and types of borders on the quilt.

custom quilting

Custom machine quilting places different designs and techniques in different areas of the quilt.  Each quilt is very individual when doing custom work.

cost of custom quilting - .05 and up cents per square inch.  

If you are interested in custom quilting we discuss what you would like done and I can give you a price per square inch for the quilting.

On any quilts that require a special designer pattern or pattern set, (for example Quilt Work quilts) the customer will be charger the cost of the patterns in addition to the cost of custom quilting.


I use two primary battings.  Both are the highest quality available. 

100% Cotton Legacy - $12 per linear yard

100% thin Polyester - $9.00 per linear yard

I charge per the linear yard.  When I trim your quilt, I keep any left over trimmings of the batting.  The trimming of your backing fabric are returned to you if you provided the backing.

Dark batting or a wool batting is available by request or by my suggestion.  Pricing varies and will be discussed at time of service.


I do not allow my customer to supply the thread.  Why?  My machine will only handle large cones and it is not readily available in stores.  I have a VERY LARGE color selection and if I don't have the color for your quilt, I will get it.

regular thread 

$1.25 per 10,000 stitches.  Yes, my Statler Stitcher COUNTS the stitches in your quilt.  

variegated thread

$2.50 per 10,000 stitches.

I do not use metallic threads.


I would be happy to provide the perfect backing for your quilt.  I use mostly Moda fabrics by United Notions.  I use the 44" wide fabric and piece the backing.

I charge $10 per yard for making and furnishing the fabric for your backing.  I charge this by the square inch so I am only charging you for the actual fabric I use for your quilt backing.  I trim your quilt (including bare bones quilting) and I keep the scraps.

Many of my customers love this option.  They don't have all the leftovers to deal with and I don't charge them for these leftovers.  That is how got started, using my leftovers from my quilting.


Binding services is available.  You can provide the fabric for me to bind your quilt or I will pick a fabric to enhance your quilt.

French fold binding applied to front of quilt by machine and hand stitched to back of quilt

This is the most common binding used.  I offer only hand stitched binding.  Your quilt deserves it!

$2.00 per linear foot

If you want me to apply the binding to the front of the quilt only and you do the hand stitching, the charge is $1.00 per linear foot.

bias binding applied by machine to front of quilt and hand sewn to back of quilt 

 $4.00 per linear foot.

 This binding is most commonly used for Double Wedding Ring quilts or quilts that don't have a straight edge.  It is also used to make a beautiful binding from a striped or plaid fabric.

shipping charges

I charge $15 to return one quilt.  I charge $20 to ship two or more quilts in the same shipment.  

I use SpeeDee Delivery for shipping in the midwest area when it is available.  I find them very reliable.  For outside of the midwest area, I use UPS.  I may at times use USPS for smaller orders.

If you would like to make different arrangements for your quilts, please just ask.

Prices are subject to change without notice.
January 1, 2021